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Deciding whether to rebuild or renovate. For rebuilding, you will need to include the costs such as drawing up plans, building / planning approval, engineering costs, energy efficiency, demolition costs and alternative accommodation while the build is under way. Does your existing floor plan allow you to make the changes that you want without having to leave walls that you would like to remove, compromising the design? There does come a tipping point when the cost of renovating outweighs the cost of a rebuild. If you’re simply adding a new bathroom, bedroom or extending the living area the costs associated with a rebuild won’t stack up. Renovating can be a more cost-effective option in comparison, but it can also have unforeseen costs as well. Joining up the new works to the existing, will they blend in and complement each other so you cannot tell where the new and old start and finish? Are there any major structural issues that need to be overcome? Will you over capitalize on your home? Consider if you and your family will still be able to live in the home and have access to a bathroom and kitchen? If you don’t mind a bit of noise and minimal inconvenience, then the time and cost you would save on moving out and renting would be well worth it. Most important of all what is your budget and be realistic, as you need to consider all of the costs associated with the renovation and not just the construction costs. Having done your homework you will be more prepared for the journey ahead! The building experience should be an exciting one, so choose a builder that has been around for a while, with hands on experience, so they know what they are talking about and not just a sales pitch to sign you up. At Barnet Building we offer a hands-on approach in all the builds we do. You deal directly with the builder saving time and money and having the assurance that your renovation journey will be in good hands. 10 MUST KNOW TIPS For Building or Renovating Your Home You can read it here.

10 MUST KNOW TIPS For Building or Renovating Your Home

You can read it here.

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